You have the opportunity to pay $AROW or $TGET and win accumulated prizes.
Each draw is protected by the smart contract with an independent probability.
The operator cannot intervene in the draw probability.
The participants can play the Bullish Lottery game, when funds equivalent to 30,000 $AROW is accumulated in the treasury fund.
(It will be announced when it starts.)
Bullish Lottery is operated only with $AROW & $TGET at first and details are as follows..
The prize will be created based on the profit from treasury fund, taxes and delegate farming, and $AROW & $TGET used for the lottery operation will be burned.
The amount of $AROW being burned cannot exceed 40,000 $AROW, and the starting prize for the Bullish Lottery is 30,000 $AROW.
At least one $AROW is needed for each game, and one extra lottery opportunity will be given if 30 lots are drawn in a row.
The prizes for the first and second winners will be paid in NFT, and the number of ETH awarded to the winners will depend on the $AROW price at that time.
The prize for the third winner will be paid in $AROW right away.
NFTs received as prizes will be locked for 10 days and exchanged for ETH through a separate process.
(The sales tax of $AROW will be deducted before being given to the winners)
If the number of burned $AROW exceeds 40,000 $AROW, a new phase will proceed, and the remaining $AROW prize token will be transferred to the next phase and accumulated in the first prize.
The targeted winning rate: approximately 73.6% (The winning rate of general instant lottery tickets: approximately 60%)
- The Golden Horn (the first winner) NFT
The winning rate: 1/40,000, the prize: 10,000 $AROW (the prize amount will be given in NFT which can be exchanged into the equivalent values of ETH.)
- The Silver Horn (the second winner) NFT
- The winning rate: 1/4,000, the prize: 1,000 $AROW (the prize amount will be given in NFT which can be exchanged into the equivalent values of ETH.)
- The Bronze Horn (the third winner)
The winning rate: 1/100, the prize: 25 $AROW (the prize tokens will be given immediately upon winning.)
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