TARGET is a secondary token of the X10 Project created in the form of measuring shareholders‘ trust in the project’s value increase and active distribution protocol.
It functions in a similar way to TSHARE from TOMB.finance.
The protocol mints $TGET and make proportional allotments of the tokens and LP to the deposited wallets at the archery field during the project period (90 days).
$TGET has a 10% sales tax and a 5% purchase tax.
$TGET has a maximum total supply of 90,000 tokens.
> 10,000 $TGET will be minted for exchange with AROW-USDC LP via TRADE during the drill field period.
> 80,000 $TGET will be allocated to the reward pool in the following proportion.
(Emissions up to 888 $TGET a day)
It is designed to set 4% of $TGET emission as the protocol fund.
It is designed to distribute 6% of $TGET emissions to the team members.
The remaining $TGET is allocated for incentivizing Liquidity Providers who have deposited tokens and LP in Archery Field for 90 days.
The 5% purchase tax for $TGET is exempted when $TGET is traded at TRADE with AROW-USDC LP during the drill field period.
The purchase tax and sales tax were arranged in order to restrain a finance trade bot to constantly sell $TGET.