Get Target
$TGET is supplied at a rate of 1/100 of the $AROW reward amount during drill field period, and the distribution is made by exchanging in proportion to the new deposit amount of AROW-USDC LP every time. (Similar to stock subscription system)
After 3 hours of the initial farming, 75 TARGET starts to be distributed. And 75 TARGET is distributed once every 8 hours thereafter for 4 days.
(e.g. A total of 1000 AROW-USDC LP is deposited. If you deposit 8 AROW-USDC LP here, you can exchange them for 8/1000*75 = 0.6 TARGET.)
TRADE is the only place to get $TGET during the drill field period.
If you make good use of this, you can be allocated more $AROW than others in the early stage☺