$AROW : Contract 0x62Ee8ad24A7E5240781d1053Cc791Ef5B7B8bfa7
$AROW is an algorithm token that is not pegged to any asset.
An active distribution mechanism protocol independently mints $AROW, rather than being converged to any specific prices.
Both purchase and sales taxes are applied, and support for burn and automatic LP mechanisms minimizes the impact of arbitrage bots on the token price.
$AROW has no maximum supply limit and 166,000 $AROW will be minted at the start of the project.
▶30,000 $AROW will be used for Presale, 16,000 $AROW will be used for liquidity supply at the start, and 30,000 $AROW will be deposited as prizes, and the rest will be sent to the treasury fund for the drill field farming.
▶$AROW‘s emissions can be adjusted from 0.1% up to 10% daily, depending on demand and market conditions.
$AROW has a 5% sales tax and 0% purchase tax to sustain its value.
With a built-in elastic supply mechanism, $AROW maintains its continuous growth, and prevents oversupply by burning and minting tokens.
$AROW is not pegged to any asset.
​$AROW is designed to set 20% of its emissions as the protocol fund in maximum.
It is also designed to distribute up to 10% of the $AROW emissions to the team members.